Announcing Winter 2018

1/8/2018 | read

Red Desert in the salt flats of Utah

Friends. It is 2018 and we’ve got some great news. The next few months of concerts include old and new friends from up and down the west coast, the mountain state of Utah (salt flats, pictured above), and the northeast.

We’re starting things on Jan. 19 with the ecstatic improviser Arrington de Dionyso, touring with percussionist Ben Bennett, who has created an aesthetic and practice centered on the idea of existing in the present moment. On Feb. 3, Eoin Callery and Anna Friz descend on Radius Gallery with installation-performances involving physical and virtual strings (Eoin) and radio transmissions projected from receivers hung in the space (Anna). Finally, on Feb. 17, the duo Red Desert (Katie Porter / Devin Maxwell) performs a full program of pieces by Alvin Lucier, Pauline Oliveros, Lucie Vitkova, Phill Niblock, and Devin Maxwell, closed out by a new piece muto infinitas by composer Catherine Lamb, performed by Christine Tavolacci and Scott Worthington. Lamb leaves us with this, from Indian film director Mani Kaul:

To conceive the presence of an individual or even a specific space, to think of that space as one will of a being, is to draw a distinction by arranging a boundary with separate sides so that a point on one side cannot reach the other side without crossing the boundary. - Mani Kaul

Finally: We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve received a generous grant from the Aaron Copland Fund for Music, a national new music granting organization, in support of our programming of chamber music in Santa Cruz County. This means that we can expand our chamber music programming and continue to foster the development of new work. Most of all, this financial support gives us the capacity to take risks–to make bold moves in presenting concerts that prompt a conversation, and that develop the local community of artists, listeners, and everyone in between. Thank you for attending and most of all for contributing to build a community as we look to further develop our roots in Santa Cruz.