Conversations and the wider community

11/8/2017 | read

Erik DeLuca

Over the years we have watched so many projects develop. From the very beginning, Indexical has been committed to providing artists the time, place, space, and community to work through new ideas and develop new projects. Usually, this involves a lot of conversation; yet, a single performance, or even a release, never quite communicates the depth of thought nor represents the many forces that produce a work. For all of us at Indexical, music is a dialog—a dialog that we have with ourselves and with others. That’s why we’re starting a series of talks: to bring these conversations to the forefront and to open them up to the wider community.

So many of the artists we work with and projects we develop extend far beyond the concert—whether it’s designing chaotic sound circuitry for killing invasive insects, cataloging the rhythms of protest chants, capturing the sounds of ultrasonic bats, reimagining early ham radio pioneers, conjuring spirits, or exploring a hypothetical era when the very notion of a musical instrument was not yet fully formed. The community around Indexical is more than just artists; we are historians, theorists, political activists, coders, educators, conservationists, and, even a few of us, witches. Somehow all of these diverse interests and activities have something to do with music. One of the goals of the talks is to find out what.

Starting this month, we will host presentations, demonstrations, conversations, meditations, experiments, lectures, workshops, listening sessions, and even games, lead not just by artists, but by scholars, historians, and theorists as well. Our goal is to activate all of the diverse conversations that surround music-making. We believe that the best ideas come from people working together, not in isolation, and it is our goal to provide a space for new ideas to emerge.

Stay tuned for more information about these talks.