Good Times Previews: “Melt Me Into The Ocean”

8/8/2018 | read

The "Melt Me Into The Ocean" Experience

Thanks to Georgia Johnson and Good Times Magazine in Santa Cruz for their wonderful preview of Melt Me Into The Ocean, happening Saturday, August 11, at Seabright State Beach and Ocean View Park in Santa Cruz. More information about Melt Me Into The Ocean is available here, including a full schedule of events.

The sun had dipped above the horizon, but local artist Yolande Harris wouldn’t have seen it amidst the chilly July haze encircling the end of the Santa Cruz Wharf. She lowered her hydroscope into the water and watched as a shoal of anchovies swirled around it. She listened to and recorded the happenings of another world just beneath the surface, and amidst the white noise of hissing and snapping, she could hear sea lions bark and perhaps a dolphin click. Read the full article.