Welcome to Indexical

Indexical is an organization in Santa Cruz, California, dedicated to experimentation in music. We present over 40 events annually in our studio at the Tannery Arts Center.


Indexical at the Tannery Arts Center
1050 River St., #119
Santa Cruz, Calif.

Upcoming Events

10/21/2021 | Speak For Change with Thomas Sage Pedersen, Taj Leahy, and Trianna Feruza

10/23/2021 | Maddi Baird + Folded Worlds + Kumi Maxson

10/24/2021 | Felicia Rice: Heavy Lifting (Moving Parts Press)

Gallery Hours

Friday - Sunday, 12pm - 5pm

On now:

Landscape & Life: Suzy Poling and Paige Emery