About Indexical

Indexical is a composer-run group facilitating the long-term development of projects in close collaboration with artists. We focus on new chamber and experimental music, with a particular interest in music that lies outside of the aesthetic boundaries of major musical institutions. We are based in Santa Cruz, California, working with artists around the world, producing events across the San Francisco Bay Area and New York City.

We work closely with a handful of artists and composers to develop projects and new ideas over the course of many performances. This has included collaborations with artists such as Happy Valley Band, String Noise, Ghost Ensemble, Séverine Ballon, RAGE THORMBONES & Zachary James Watkins, Ma’ayan Tsadka, Laura Steenberge & K.C.M. Walker, and frequently includes those of us running Indexical.

We have presented concerts and performances since 2011, beginning at Willow Place Auditorium in Brooklyn, and now in various locations in Santa Cruz. These performances often become large-scale studio projects, released on our in-house record label. In addition to studio recordings, we release many live recordings, videos, and live-in-studio performances through our subscription series The Essential Indexical.

In all releases and projects, we are interested in fitting the format of the project to the work, whether that entails a concert, lecture, publication, or custom bug-killing machine.


Concerts, Press & Wholesale: andrew@indexical.org

Artist talks, workshops: david@indexical.org

Other things: Email both of us.

Concerts & Performances

We frequently present concerts at various locations around Santa Cruz, with a dual focus on excellent work that is rarely presented, and on projects under development by local and touring artists associated with Indexical (or who could potentially be associated with Indexical).

We welcome proposals from artists who are interested in performing on our series, and outside curators who are interested in producing a show with Indexical’s support. We are especially interested in presentations with local organizations who reach a different community of artists and audiences than ourselves.

Please send proposals for concerts to Andrew C. Smith.

Artist & Researcher Talks

We would love to hear from curators, musicologists, art historians, artists, programmers, designers, architects, and sorcerers who want to present their work in a semi-formal setting. We hope that this series of talks is a place for the discussion of work as it is under development.

Please send proposals for researcher and artist talks to David Kant.

Recordings & Publications & cetera

We do not take submissions for finished releases and publications, but instead seek to allow these projects to grow organically from the opportunities described above. If you are interested in recording or publication, please get in touch with both David and Andrew to discuss the best route for us to begin working together.

We are interested in events that do not fall into any of the above categories, and encourage submissions, ideas, proposals, and conjectures that might have a home on our series. Please get in touch with David and Andrew if you’ve read this far.


Directors: David Kant, Beau Sievers, Andrew Smith
Podcast & Concerts & Internships: Madison Heying
Podcast & Concerts: Jon Myers
Design & Witching: Mustafa Walker


Indexical’s Santa Cruz Series of concerts is supported through a grant from Arts Council Santa Cruz. Additional supporters for our 2017-18 series include Carol Wilhelmy, Linda Burman-Hall, Bennett Williamson and Kate Dundon, Lanier Sammons, Daria Sievers, Chris and Nancy Smith, Brian Parks, and Giacomo Fiore. Thank you as well to Darwin Arts, LLC.

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