Jacob Lane


Jacob Lane is a composer, pianist, and educator who lives in Oakland, California. He is the pianist for the chamber groups Sl(e)ight Ensemble and Portato Portato. A member of The Music Teachers’ Association of California, Jacob teaches piano performance and music theory at The Alameda School of Music and New World Music Academy. Jacob holds degrees in music performance from Mills College in Oakland, CA (MFA), and Northern Vermont State University in Johnson, VT (BA). He has studied piano with Diane Huling and Robert Schwartz, and composition with Dennis Bathory-Kitsz, Zeena Parkins, and James Fei. In addition to his own ensembles, Jacob's works have been performed by Colorado College's Tenebrae Ensemble (2018), and were featured in the 2017 Atlantic Music Festival.

Rhythmic, durational, and textural development are the base of Jacob’s compositions. His music often features a limited number of themes which are continuously developed throughout a work to create a diverse yet cohesive piece. His upcoming project, Scordatura Piano (2019), explores an alternate tuning he derived from the superimposition of two scales in just intonation. jacoblanemusic.com