Pablo Rubio-Vargas & Mélodie Around the World


### [Pablo Rubio-Vargas](

Pablo Rubio-Vargas is a multimedia artist/composer from Aguascalientes, Mexico. He is currently studying the DMA in Composition at the University of California, Santa Cruz.

Pablo has been fortunate to work with several outstanding musicians such as the International Contemporary Ensemble (ICE) Arditti String Quartet, Horacio Franco, Mélodie Michel, Wilfrido Terrazas, Eva Zondler, Alexander Bruck, Bergamasque Duo, Eight Blackbird Ensemble, and Daniel Sanchez, among several others.

Currently is working with David Dunn as his advisor, exploring diverse topics such as Natural Acoustic Composition Phenomena, expansion on Sonorus Mexican Identity, among others. He studied composition with Ignacio Baca in Queretaro. In 2013 he completed the MFA in Improvisation, Composition & Technlogy at UC, Irvine. Working with Christopher Dobrian as his advisor.

### [Mélodie Around the World](

I come from a Early Music background, with a special focus on historical bassoons. In 2014-2015 I went for a world travel through 14 countries over 4 continents, meeting traditional musicians and exchanging views on historically informed performance and on traditional and non-western classical musics.

In 2016 I've been in residence in Casa Allen - Casa das Artes in Porto, Portugal. I used this time to experiment new relationships between the musician's body and the audience. I developed then other projects in Portugal, as "ComCordas" with four musicians playing plucked instruments from different musical cultures, and a solo "le Cinquième Temps" including voice, dance and wind instruments.

She's a PhD student at the UCSC since September 2016.