Indexical presents a night of renaissance and folk-influenced experimentalism from the trio Desert Magic, composer/performer Laura Steenberge, and Santa Cruz-based early music ensemble Apostasy with guest Larry Polansky. In addition to their set by Machaut, Monteverdi, and Tromboncino, Apostasy will perform Steenberge’s new works Cathedrals, and Two Ways of Life, composed for the evening.

Desert Magic

Desert Magic is an LA-based trio that specializes in writing rounds/songs about nature and the cosmos. They are releasing their debut album piecemeal on the solstices and equinoxes of the year 2015 on Desert Magic is Alex Wand, Steven Van Betten, and Logan Hone.

Laura Steenberge

Laura Steenberge is based in Los Angeles and the Bay Area. As a performer, she sings and plays viola da gamba, contrabass, piano, guitar and other things, in traditional and untraditional song styles. As a composer, she primarily writes vocal music. As a scholar she researches connections between music, language, mythology and the natural sciences. Current research is about: thunder, infrasound and the voices of supernatural beings. Current creative work involves: vocal interference, slow rhythms, songwriting, paper making. She is currently a Doctoral candidate at Stanford University.


Apostasy (Ariane Helou, recorder; Ryan Lambe, treble viol; Saskia Lee, mezzo-soprano; Samuel Shalhoub, lute; Andrew Smith, keyboards) is an early music ensemble specializing in secular medieval, renaissance, and early baroque styles. They will be joined by Larry Polansky and Laura Steenberge for Steenberge’s Cathedrals and Two Ways of Life.