Melt Me Into the Ocean

Sat., Aug. 11, 2018
Doors at 2:30pm | Show at 3pm
Seabright State Beach & Ocean View Park
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Nestled on the edge of the Monterey Bay between the Pacific Ocean and the redwoods, a strong sense of place emanates throughout Santa Cruz. Melt Me Into The Ocean (MMIO) is a day-long event that uses sound to connect participants to this sense of place. MMIO features participatory works by local and nationally renowned artists that use sound, images, technology, and their bodies to activate public spaces including the West Jetty Walkway, Seabright Beach, and Ocean View Park, to reveal new facets of our relationships to local ecosystems and environments.

The centerpiece of the festival is a new piece by sound artist Yolande Harris , which employs underwater recordings—of whales and other creatures—from the Monterey Bay. Part I of the work begins with a guided listening sound walk on the West Jetty Parkway in the Santa Cruz Harbor. Part II will close out the festival at sunset: a performance in Ocean View Park featuring underwater recordings, projections of whales in the water, and live instruments. In Harris’s words, this work explores “the experience of color, sound, and environment as ‘polymorphous magical substance’ and the ocean as energy-exchange or ‘chi.’” The festival will also include works by composer and technologist Casey Anderson , who will present a new piece involving radios and other homemade technology that will enable participants to explore Seabright Beach through the fluctuations of sound over the radio, and a performance by Maidens of Delos (Laura Steenberge and K.C.M. Walker) , who will play a program of newly composed pieces as well as folk and ancient tunes about sirens and the sea on Baroque instruments in the cave on Seabright Beach. An up-to-date listing of artists is available at

Schedule of Events: August 11, 2018

3:00pm - 7:00pm: Periodic performances of artist works along Seabright Beach
7:00pm - 7:45pm: Guided sound walk from Seabright Beach to Ocean View Park
8:00pm - 8:30pm: Sunset performance by Yolande Harris at Ocean View Park

Yolande Harris

Casey Thomas Anderson

4x FM Radio transmitters broadcast sine tones on the same unused frequency in an open space. Transmitters arrangement should loosely conform to cardinal directions while also resulting in overlapping broadcasts. Crucially transmitters are hidden from participants’ view. Participants realize the graphical score (comprised of three interdependent actions: humming, moving, turning a radio on/off) as a means to explore their physical surroundings and the contents of the electromagnetic spectrum therein. Duration (t) is free but should be more than ten seconds.

en busca de espíritus (un mapa ritual)

4x FM Radio transmisores emitirán ondas sinusoidales sobre la misma frecuencia sin usar en el espacio abierto. El arreglo de los radio transmisores deberá de estar vagamente ajustado a un plano cartesiano mientras se sobreponen con las emitidas como resultado. Intencionalmente los radio transmisores tienen que estar escondido de la vista de los participantes. Los participantes realizan el gesto (el cual es hecho de tres entretejidas acciones: murmullo, movimiento, prender y apagar el radio) como un método para explorar su fisicalidad circundante y de otros como el espectro electromagnético presente. Duración (t) es libre, pero debe de ser alrededor de diez segundos.

Casey Anderson is an artist working with sound in a number of media, including composition, improvisation, electronic music, saxophone, text, and installations. Performances, exhibitions, and residencies include MOCA - Los Angeles (CA), ISSUE Project Room (NY), STEIM (NL), Atlantic Center for the Arts (FL), Mass MOCA (MA), The Walker Art Center (MN), and The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA (CA). He co-founded, and co-edits (with John P. Hastings and Scott Cazan), the Experimental Music Yearbook, owns and operates a wave press, and is a core member of Southland Ensemble. He currently lives in Los Angeles, California and teaches in the Media Design Practices department at ArtCenter College of Design.

### Laura Steenberge

Laura Steenberge is a performer and composer in Los Angeles who researches language and the voice. Influenced by folk music, psycholinguistics and medieval Byzantine chant, collectively her work is a study of nonsense and the boundaries of knowledge. A multi-instrumentalist, vocalist and public speaker, Steenberge uses voice, contrabass, viola da gamba, objects, images and movement to create works that intersect mythology and imaginary music with science and the physical shape of sound in traditional and site-specific locations throughout California, including SF MOMA, the Sutro Baths, the Hammer Museum, REDCAT and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. She holds bachelors degrees in music and linguistics from the University of Southern California, a masters in composer/performer and integrated media from CalArts, and a DMA in music composition from Stanford University. She teaches experimental sound practices at CalArts.

### K.C.M. Walker

I practice magic and witchcraft in an effort to better understand the connections that ritual and ceremony have to both musical and non-musical performance practice, be they traditional or self-invented. I am fascinated by obscure instruments, archaic instruments, and things that are not instruments. I am from Charleston, South Carolina, but I currently live in Santa Cruz, California where I study music composition with David Dunn and Larry Polansky at The University of California. Hail Satan.

Yolande Harris