By Manfred Werder


Manfred Werder is a composer, conceptual artist, and member of the Wandelweiser Group, a collective of musicians dedicated to exploring the limits of silence in music. Werder often uses “found sentences” or “found words” as the basis for both scores and performances, situating the performance a place in time and space, and framing it with quotation from other authors. For the past few years, Werder has been writing pieces exclusively on typewriter and sending them to performers by mail; no digital version exists.

For this event, Werder will be joined by frequent Wandelweiser interpreters Teodora Stepancic and Assaf Gidron in a performance of his ongoing work 20160, a 10cm x 22m roll of paper which Werder continually writes on while actualizing the score. The score exists as an ongoing document of all prior versions.