Shadow Study 4a

By Jasna Veličković


Shadow Study #4a builds on Frederic Chopin’s Prelude Op.28 No.4 E Minor. The listeners’ attention shifts from the melody and accompaniment of Chopin’s Prelude to the resonant sounds of the instrument being played. Two performers excite the piano strings by placing coils which transmit the recording of the Chopin’s Prelude over them. In this way, the harmonic development of the prelude is extended to the acoustic phenomena of the vibrated strings, opening up almost infinite possibilities as to how the Shadow Study #4 could sound. Seen as a “print” of Chopin’s Prelude the piano acts as a tool, assuming the function of a loudspeaker, or on a meta-level, becoming a “post piano”. In the end, the sound heard is a shadow of an existing music piece. The Prelude itself is used as a ready-made, yet through the process of performance, one sound reality produces another one anew. Duration 7-14’

Documentation available via Jasna Veličković.