Situation IV / Io E iO

By Anahita Abbasi


Dialogical Self Theory weaves two concepts, self and dialogue, together in such a way that a more profound understanding of the interconnection of self and society is achieved. Usually, the concept of self refers to something “internal,” something that takes place within the mind of the individual person, while dialogue is typically associated with something “external,” that is, processes that take place between people involved in communication.

The composite concept “dialogical self” goes beyond the self-other dichotomy by infusing the external to the internal and, in reverse, to introduce the internal into the external. As functioning as a “society of mind”,the self is populated by multiplicity of “self-positions” that have the possibility to entertain dialogical relationships with each other.

Situations are series of pieces with a set of circumstances in which one finds oneself.

Situation IV/Io e iO, is a “Dialogical Self” of a musician with himself, a multiplicity of “ self -positions”, and infusion of the external and internal dialogues in different kinds of situations. (—AA)