By Weston Olencki


Stanchions — five objects resting on a floor of noise. Each is a fragment whose generative material individually exceed the confines of the work’s territory, audible objects distilled from collections of even inaudible larger repetitive processes — we only see the sides of these things which they present to us. Their non locality causes them to pull away the closer we step towards them; in their partially revealed existence, what we hear is both of the object and also its secondary support mechanism.

I: polytetrafluoroethylene - chemical compound for laminate-based product, Formica. a flat, synthesized surface who perceived depth is achieved due to molded fabrication and a clear coating of synthetic resin. compound expands to fit any size, which only concretizes when cooled.

II: Ylem - early hypothetical name of originally substance material - phenomena now explained as subatomic particles.

III: cascading failure - a glitch introduced into a network’s hardware initiating an exponential mass-shutdown of system. viral corruption.

IV: ß Persei - two binary stars circling each other on an expanded orbit around a shared barycenter. the stars are of unequal masses due to the condensation of matter from one to the other, often resulting in eclipsing and other forms of impacted orbit patterns.

V: relic radiation - cosmic background noise leftover from initial universal recombination.