twirling, not spiraling

By Lara Saab


twirling, not spiraling is a lecture-performance that activates co-current timelines for listening, making, and perceiving in proximity to violence, and crisis.

In Arabic, الشرود [al shuroud] – means; daydreaming, mind wandering, detaching, and sometimes, dissociating from current events. While, السرود [al suroud], is a kind of purposeful شرود [shuroud], and can mean; interpreting, enumerating, rambling, transmitting, trancing, reading, narrating, or storytelling.
Lead by curious aquatic melodies, warped waves, a twirling hourglass, chatty birds, an ocean rock, melting statues, rubber duckies, a tidal washing machine, and a never ending stream of thought, TNS explores multiple ways of experiencing time through these two terms and their many definitions.