By Rachel Beetz


Unofficial is a set of eight electroacoustic flute improvisations performed from July 2020 to April 2021. These improvisations were an attempt at opening up and searching within for a musical expression underneath my official, public identity. They are made completely with heavily processed acoustic flute sounds. Performed in private, these sounds revealed my true emotions to me: from intense anger to hopeful optimism; they are the unofficial feelings of the subconscious. This vulnerability, aided by my foggy reclusion, exposed an inner sonic identity and flow that was cathartic and energizing. Sharing them with you now is an attempt at transformation: to expose and make real that which was locked away with the hope that we can create a future where we can know and protect our unofficial feelings. This show is the premier live performance of these private improvisations. "Unofficial" will be out on Orenda Records in January 2022.