Anne La Berge with music by David Dramm, Anne La Berge, Yannis Kyriakides

In this episode, Jon Myers and Madison Heying talk to composer/flautist Anne La Berge. They discuss the program for her March 10th concert with Indexical and the various characters she assumes in each piece. In their conversation, Anne considers her flexible roles as composer, performer, and improviser. Lastly, they discuss Anne’s evolving relationship with technology: over the last 30 years, Anne has used a range of technologies as both a performer and composer, including synthesizers, HMSL, MAX/MSP, and most recently Kyma. The following pieces will be heard throughout the interview:

  1. David Dramm, Telemachus
  2. Anne LaBerge, Utter
  3. Yannis Kyriakides, oneirocriticon