bass2bass: Michelle Lou and Scott Worthington with music by Weston Olencki, Michelle Lou, and Scott Worthington

In this episode of the Indexical podcast, Madison Heying, Jon Myers, and Andrew C. Smith talk to Michelle Lou and Scott Worthington of the duo bass2bass. They talk about how bass2bass formed, and how they came up with their name, as well as their similar backgrounds studying jazz and classical bass technique.The conversation gets pretty nerdy as Michelle and Scott debate the ideal bass supergroup and the bassists with the best chops. Speaking of which, make sure you stick around to the end to hear Jon Myers’s James Jamerson and Jaco Pastorius mashup.

Throughout the podcast you will hear clips from:

  1. stanchions by Weston Olencki
  2. HoneyDripper by Michelle Lou
  3. A Flame that Could Go Out by Scott Worthington