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Up Next: Everything Else
Posted on 8/3/2017

Everything Else

Saturday Aug. 12, 2017, 4:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History
705 Front St., Santa Cruz
Free Admission | More Info

Everything Else is a day-long event of music by artists working at the fringes of established scenes and venues. Gathering in DIY spaces, house concerts, art galleries, and (yes) even the university, these artists build communities through sharing their work with one another in intimate settings. Indexical looks to bring these groups together to further enhance the connections that can be made among artists and their surrounding communities.

Everything Else takes its name from a piece by composer and percussionist Sarah Hennies. She draws a parallel between “percussion” and queer identities, writing that “a contemporary definition of ‘percussion’ has the potential to include almost anything that is not already defined as some other instrument.” Indexical celebrates this anti-definition with a performance of Hennies’s Everything Else for many percussionists at 9 pm, before closing the evening with Pauline Oliveros’s participatory Tuning Meditation and David Dunn’s field recordings of ultrasonic bat sounds from Pinnacles National Park.