Indexical’s Collocation series continues with a program curated by Andrew Weathers, featuring Justin Houser and Noah Alonzo. Houser and Alonzo perform at CO-OPt Research + Projects from Lubbock, Texas, and converse with Andrew Weathers of Full Spectrum Records.

Lubbock might be better known as the hometown of Buddy Holly or Terry Allen, but there’s a music and art scene starting to coalesce in recent years. The two main nodes of activity are CO-OPt Research + Projects and the Llano Estacado Monad Band. CO-OPt is a collectively run arts space that pre-pandemic hosted regular performances by touring and local artists, as well as visual arts programming and studio space. Llano Estacado Monad Band is a morphing collective of improvising musicians from all over the Llano Estacado region which has functioned not only as a performing unit but as a catalyst to further collaboration. The scene is small but supportive and interdisciplinary and expansive in its aesthetic boundaries. What we have going on in Lubbock and elsewhere on the Llano Estacado is vibrant and active and an ideal incubator for interesting creative activity. (Andrew Weathers)

Justin Houser

Justin Houser is an electroacoustic composer and multi-instrumentalist who completed his Ph.D. in Fine Arts at Texas Tech where his interdisciplinary studies focused on contemporary and avant-garde composition techniques as well as collaborative performance practices. His music spans the gamut from micro-movement works for solo instruments, to long-form improvisatory electroacoustic works. Since joining the Llano Estacado Monad Band, Dr. Houser has been able to serve as conductor, composer, and instrumentalist through several recordings and performances. His music has been featured in performance art pieces, served as soundtrack to art films and vlogs, and performed across the country at various composition conferences. Dr. Houser has released two albums to date, one self-release and one through Full Spectrum Records, which are available via Bandcamp.

Noah Alonzo

noah alonzo is an ambient and experimental musician from Lubbock, Tx. He has a M.M. from Texas Tech and a B.S. from Eastern New Mexico University. His debut album “alone in the ethereal haze” is out now on Bandcamp.

About Collocation

It’s that blurry line between artist and organizer that characterizes the radical edges of what we call experimental music. Throughout 2021, Indexical highlights that blur with a new online video series Collocation. This new series features artists in conversation with other artists from their scene or community, whether that’s a geographic site or a more distributed platform.