Anthony R. Green: Zoom In with Samantha Bounkeua + Bill Solomon

Black Sound Symposium: concert on the Black experience in the United States + chamber works for percussion by Black composers

Sat., Apr. 22, 2023
Doors at 8pm | Show at 8:30pm
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$22 General / $16.50 Members / $11 Students
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The Zoom In performance project is first and foremost about the Black experience in the United States in all of its various iterations. It developed organically through performances of original works, works by other composers, improvisation, and finding the commonality between the art created from these approaches. Additionally, it is a project that is constantly changing as the Black experience in the US also changes not only because of the passing of contemporary time but also because of the information from the past that is constantly being unearthed and revisited, thus creating a stronger context of past Blackness in dialogue with the present. Local violinist Samantha Bounkeua joins for a performance of Rest in Pow’r (Survival Song).

Anthony R. Green

The creative output of Anthony R. Green (b. 1984; composer, performer, social justice artist) includes musical and visual creations, interpretations of original works or works in the repertoire, collaborations, educational outreach, and more. Behind all of his artistic endeavors are the ideals of equality and freedom, which manifest themselves in diverse ways in a composition, a performance, a collaboration, or social justice work. Green’s compositions have been presented in over 25 countries across six continents by internationally acclaimed soloists and ensembles. He has received commissions from pianists Jason Hardink and Stephen Drury, the McCormick Percussion Group, the Fromm Foundation, Celebrity Series Boston, Chamber Music Tulsa, Access Contemporary Music, the Left Coast Chamber Ensemble, NOISE-BRIDGE, and other soloists, ensembles, festivals, and organizations. As a performer, Green has presented projects in 11 countries across 4 continents. He is also co-founder of Castle of our Skins: celebrating Black artistry through music.

Samantha Bounkeua

Classical violinist gone rogue, Samantha Bounkeua (RogueViolin) is a queer performer, composer, & music producer with a focus on violin-driven compositions and collaborating with and amplifying the work of queer, femme and non-binary artists. A graduate from the Oberlin Conservatory of Music, she's performed internationally as a guest artist with the Southern Arizona Symphony, New Mexico Symphony, Oberlin Contemporary Music Ensemble, Britten-Pears New Music Festival, Festival de Opera San Luis, the Rogue Theatre and more.

Bill Solomon

To Cover You by Lauren McCall 
The Same But Different by Jessie Cox 
Movements in Movement and Sound by Anthony R. Green

Bill Solomon performs solo commissioned works from Anthony R. Green, Jessie Cox, and Lauren McCall. Bill Solomon is a percussionist, writer, and educator from New York City. He is a member of Bent Duo with pianist David Friend and has premiered and recorded works by Jace Clayton, Sarah Hennies, Casey Anderson, and Matt Sargent. His chapter “Queering Musical Chrononormativity: percussion works of the West Coast group” is included in the forthcoming collection Queer Music Theory published by Oxford University Press. He is a co-founder of the Queer Percussion Research Group and is currently editing a collection of zines on queer percussion. 

The Black Sound Symposium is a 4-day event full of concerts, talks, workshops, screenings, and interdisciplinary dialogue rooted in Black sound and Black sonic space. The symposium aims to create and sustain community; to celebrate curiosity, wonder, disobedience, collaboration, and play in artistic work; to expand anti-racist and activist pedagogy and methodologies in and outside of our institutions; and to honor the long and rich lineages of Black virtuosity that have been diminished and erased from artistic canons and social consciousness.