Jack Callahan aka die Reihe, with music by die Reihe, Michael Pisaro & Greg Stuart, and Jürg Frey

In this episode of the Indexical podcast, Jon Myers, Andrew C. Smith, and Madison Heying talk to composer Jack Callahan who operates under the moniker die Reihe. They discuss his piece Housed, which consists of various arrangements of sampled chords from house music. Jack talks about a composition by Michael Pisaro that he released though his imprint Báhn Mì Verlag. And lastly Jack talks about studying with Jürg Frey and his connection to Wandelweiser. Just like Callahan, the conversation maintains serious undertones even as it strays into the silly or ridiculous. The following pieces will be heard through the interview:

  1. “Housed (Side B)” from Housed by die Reihe, on NNA Tapes
  2. “Add Red(Grey Series No. 3)” from a split LP with Matthew Sullivan, on Báhn Mì Verlag
  3. “Les tréfonds inexplorés des signes 36-39 and 40-43” by Jurg Frey, performed by The Dream Team. From an Indexical concert curated by Jack Callahan, Jan. 26, 2013, at Willow Place Auditorium