Lightbulb Ensemble & Ghost Ensemble Live at Pioneer Works

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From a live performance on Oct. 30, 2015, at Pioneer Works in Red Hook, Brooklyn. The Oakland-based Lightbulb Ensemble’s process-based minimalism takes inspiration from the sounds and structures of Balinese gamelan, moving it in a new direction. NYC-based Ghost Ensemble was formed to perform their own music and the music of Pauline Oliveros, and focuses on creating meditative experiences.

This album is pay-what-you will. Any funds will go toward providing future high-quality live recordings of Indexical concerts. Thank you to the artists and composers for making their work available.

Ghost Ensemble

Founded in 2012, Ghost Ensemble performs experimental music that explores the experience of listening: the familiar can become unfamiliar, while unexpected and unexplored places oer new layers of beauty. Visit for future events.

Angels and Demons (1980): The more I listen, the more I learn to listen. Deep Listening involves going below the surface of what is heard, expanding to the whole field of sound while finding focus. This is the way to connect with the acoustic environment, all that inhabits it, and all that there is.

Deep Listening takes us below the surface of our consciousness and helps to change or dissolve limiting boundaries. Babies are the best Deep Listeners. Think of the tremendous acts of attention and concentration that babies make to explore sounds and speak their first words, to learn language and communicate through listening.

Angels represent the collective guardian spirits of this meditation. Demons represent the individual spirits of creative genius. —Pauline Oliveros

Healing Ghost (2013) presents the slowly metamorphosing life cycle of a single sonic location. With a focus on the sensory aspects of the musical experience, the relatively open structure allows each performance to contain unexpected moments and events. —Ben Richter

Martha Cargo, flute; Sky Macklay, oboe; Lucia Stavros, harp; Tyler Mashek and Damon Loren Baker, percussion; Hannah Levinson, viola; James Ilgenfritz, bass; Ben Richter, accordion; Nathan Koci, accordion

Lightbulb Ensemble

Lightbulb Ensemble is a new music percussion ensemble that champions experimental music, instrument building, and contemporary gamelan. The ensemble emerged from the culture of new music in the Bay Area centering around Mills College, and the longstanding artistic exchange between Bali and the US fostered by Gamelan Sekar Jaya. The group performs on steel metallophones, wooden marimbas, and other instruments designed, tuned, and built by Brian Baumbusch, Lightbulb’s founder and director. Performing only new repertoire, the group presents in-house compositions and collaborates with other artists of the new music community. Visit for future events.

Steel-keyed metallophones: Brian Baumbusch, alto+; Wayne Vitale, alto-; Carla Fabrizio, soprano+; Sarah Wilner, soprano-; Daniel Steffey, tenor+; Maurissa Dorn, tenor-

Cedar-keyed xylophones: Keener Pepper, baritone+; Scott Siler, baritone-; Lydia Martin, bass+/-

Bronze gongs: Sarang Kim, pencon 1; Lucas Helland, pencon 2; James Iwamasa, gongs

James Clark, live and recording engineer Andrew C. Smith, mixing

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