I.1: Eight Composers (night two)

Tue., Nov. 15, 2011
Doors at 9:30pm | Show at 10pm
Willow Place Auditorium
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David Kant, Paths Through an Ordered Field for Ensemble
Michael Winter, dissection and field
Cat Lamb, matter/moving
Andrew C. Smith, Topology A/∀

Performers include: John Hastings, James Ross, Cat Lamb, Andrew Smith, Zach Layton, Fahad Siadat, Michael Waller, David Kant, Anne Rhodes, Chloe Lalonde, Emma Daniels, Naakai Addy, Max Heath, Mark Bennett, Adam Matlock, Carl Testa, Joe Drew, Amanda Tabor, Nathan Herrera, Ari Russo, Ryan Maxwell, Michael Winter, G. Douglass Barrett, Travis Just, Jonathan Marmor, Colleen Thorburn, Andrew Lafkas, Bryan Eubanks, and Tucker Dulin.

Catherine Lamb

Catherine Lamb (b. 1982, Olympia, Wa, U.S.), is a composer exploring the interaction of elemental tonal material and the variations in presence between shades and beings in a room. She has been studying and composing music since a young age. In 2003 she turned away from the conservatory in an attempt to understand the structures and intonations within Hindustani Classical Music, later finding Mani Kaul in 2006 who was directly connected to Zia Mohiuddin Dagar and whose philosophical approach to sound became important to her. She studied (experimental) composition at the California Institute of the Arts (2004-2006) under James Tenney and Michael Pisaro, who were both integral influences. It was there also that she began her work into the area of Just Intonation, which became a clear way to investigate the interaction of tones and ever-fluctuating shades, where these interactions in and of them-selves became structural elements in her work. Since then she has written various ensemble pieces (at times with liminal electronic portions) and continues to go further into elemental territories, through various kinds of research, collaboration, and practice (herself as a violist). She received her MFA from the Milton Avery School of Fine Arts at Bard College in 2012 and is currently residing in Berlin, Germany.

Andrew C. Smith

Andrew C. Smith is a composer and keyboardist living in Santa Cruz, California. His music often involves just intonation tunings, repetition, and language at the threshold of making sense. In addition to his work with language, he uses computers in his everyday artistic practice, often using electronic means to manipulate sound and text, using the results of these manipulations in his work.

He has been producing concerts and recordings since 2011, and is currently the Executive Director of Indexical, a nonprofit organization based in Santa Cruz, California. He has previously produced events at Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center (Alice Tully Hall), Bohemian National Hall, and other venues as Managing Director of the S.E.M. Ensemble (Brooklyn, NY), and has worked for the Seattle Symphony (Seattle, WA) and Issue Project Room (Brooklyn, NY).

His music has been performed by sfSound, String Noise, Guidonian Hand Trombone Quartet, Séverine Ballon, Ostravaská banda, and S.E.M. Ensemble. He studied English and music composition at Willamette University and Trinity College Dublin.