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Ghost Ensemble

Sat., May. 19, 2018
Doors at 7:30pm | Show at 8pm
Wind River
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$10 - 20
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Ghost Ensemble, permutations, and Indexical celebrate the release of Ghost Ensemble’s debut LP, We Who Walk Again, arriving May 18 on Indexical. This evening features the album’s recorded works alongside the world premiere of Liisa Hirsch’s new work Imprint, as well as Teodora Stepancic’s Harp N Ropes No. 4 and Andrew Christopher Smith’s we remember not the word, but the sound of the word, both commissioned by the ensemble in 2016.

Ghost Ensemble’s May 2018 California concert series is presented by permutations and Indexical and supported by an FCA Emergency Grant and generous contributions from Dr. Ruth Martin, Karen Panth, Caroline Mallonee Huebner, Kevin Kay, Sky Macklay, Seth Brenzel, John Suskind, Eoin Callery, Laurie Furdyna, Ian Schulz, Robert Strizich, Stefanie Ilgenfritz, Heide Ilgenfritz, Charles Underriner, Hannah Salomons, Laura Cocks, Ted Moore, Hannah Wertheim, Thomas Buckner, Lanier Sammons, Kristen Reed, White Wave, Miya Masaoka, Andrew Smith, Helena Martin, Raymond Martin, Teodora Stepancic, and fourteen anonymous donors.

Ghost Ensemble dedicates itself to experimental music with a focus on new perceptual perspectives that explore the experience of listening. Ghost’s music realizes a wide spectrum of sonic spaces, with the common thread an aim to shift our attention, perception, or experience of time. Many of these works share a meditative practice or an inclination toward altered consciousness or metaphysical exploration, through intuitive processes, fragile and liminal sounds, fluctuating pitch relationships, and the physicality of sonic phenomena. By encouraging immersive experience and expanding our horizons and perceptions, this music demonstrates its potential as a real healing force.

We Who Walk Again introduces the core of Ghost Ensemble’s repertoire and the diverse practices our approach hopes to unite. The title invokes the Icelandic legend of the draugr, or aptrgangr, a ghostly being with the power to morph into many shapes, gaze into the future, and enter dreams to bestow gifts on the living — something like a collection of the magical properties, perhaps, of music.