Adrianne Munden-Dixon & Carrie Frey

Sat., Apr. 2, 2022
Doors at 7:30pm | Show at 8pm
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Adrianne Munden-Dixon, violin, and Carrie Frey, viola, team up for a double-solo tour. Frequent collaborators in era-spanning quartet Desdemona and in the New York experimental scene, the two will premiere new pieces for solo violin and solo viola by a pool of close collaborators from around the US., as well as sister works written by each of the performers for each other.

“Bright, colorful improvisations, each a compact vision”
-The Road to Sound “October in Experimental Music”

“…transports and transforms our idea of what the violin is, often sounding instead like emotions or insects, ducks, geese, temple bells.”
-Ling Ling Huang