Remembering Pauline Oliveros
Posted on 11/28/2016

We are passing along this remembrance of Pauline Oliveros from Ben Richter, director of Ghost Ensemble. Ghost Ensemble invites you to participate in Oliveros’s Tuning Meditation on Dec. 15 at The Invisible Dog in Brooklyn.

In the meantime, if you would like to donate to Ghost Ensemble’s Hatchfund campaign in support of their December concert, you can do so via the box to the right.

On Thanksgiving morning, we lost the visionary composer and humanitarian Pauline Oliveros.

It’s hard to overstate Pauline’s importance to us as musicians and community members. Without Pauline Oliveros, there would be no Ghost Ensemble. Several of us met for the first time while performing with Pauline in 2010; her works and Deep Listening practice have been an integral part of our music making since the ensemble’s inception.

In 2013, we joined Pauline and the Deep Listening Institute for the official book release of her Anthology of Text Scores, performing three of her works with the composer and audience. It’s one of my favorite memories with the ensemble and with Pauline.

Also in 2013, Ghost members joined Nate Wooley for a wide ranging interview with Sound American about programming and performing Oliveros’s music. More recently, in April 2016, Ghost performed Oliveros’s Pebble Music at Musical Ecologies, and spoke with Dan Joseph in another interview that touched on our interactions with Pauline Oliveros and her music.

She gave us all so much, and her warm, generous, and mischievous spirit will be with us always.

At our concert on December 15 (more information on facebook/hatchfund), we’ll be singing Pauline’s Tuning Meditation, the piece that brought many of us together, and we invite you to join us.

Until we meet again,
Ben & Ghost Ensemble