🌟Announcing Spring & Winter 2023 Residency Awardees!
Posted on 12/13/2022
Indexical is thrilled to announce the artists selected for our new residency program in Winter and Spring 2023. These artists will have regular access to Indexical’s space over the course of two months, culminating in a two-week transformation of Indexical’s space and a final weekend of performance and participatory activity.

Sarah Buckius is extending her ongoing project !!! techn010ffspring !!! into the performance and installation space of Indexical, collaborating with workshop participants over the course of three months to create new video and performance work. !!! techn010ffspring !!! are animations and games of absurdist technological beings originating at the cross-section of *-gender-*-technology-*-lens-based-media-*-the human body-*-caregiving-*-TechnoScience Fiction-*. These animations propose a reimagining of what “technology” might mean in the context of an absurdist caregiving society as subjects of care and caregivers themselves.

Artist Bio:
Sarah Buckius (b. 1979 in Urbana, IL) is an artist and educator who lives in Santa Cruz, CA. Her creative work incorporates digital video, animation, photography, and performance and has been exhibited nationally and internationally. Her most recent work involves "Intertwined HerStories" originating from the cross-section of *-gender-*-technology-*-lens-based-media-*-the human body-*-caregiving-*. She holds a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign and an M.F.A. from The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.

Kumi Maxson is facilitating weekly collective improvisation workshop sessions over the course of three months. These workshops will be complemented with selected readings and discussions of the liberatory political implications of improvisation, with spaces held for POC and queer participants. The discussions will be documented, with excerpts transcribed and installed at Indexical for the final two weeks, during which the space will be transformed into a site for ongoing collective music-making.

Artist Bio:
Kumi Maxson is an experimental musician who practices within the jazz tradition. They perform using upright and electric bass, using composition and improvisation to explore a liberated sense of being through embodied practice.  As a transgender individual and anti-imperialist activist, Kumi is continually navigating ways the creation of new  worlds can flourish within themselves, their communities, and all people who seek existence beyond the bounds of the dominant structures.

Congratulations to Sarah and Kumi!!