San Francisco Classical Voice: Indexical Taps a Youthtful Audience in Santa Cruz
Posted on 1/4/2017

Thanks to the San Francisco Classical Voice for their wonderful feature article on Indexical, published today!

By attending to simple courtesies that new, non-traditional presenters might neglect (starting on time, providing programs) Indexical communicates a message of inclusivity to audience members of all ages and sensibilities — who may be hearing music unlike anything they’ve heard before.

Indexical’s concerts often feature works in progress, and many pieces are improvised — a far cry from the polished orchestral works featured in the city’s most prominent contemporary music organization, the annual Cabrillo Festival. “As for comparing us to the other organizations in town, I think the big thing is that we tend to present the most experimental things we can find,” Smith says. It’s not about being oppositional or revolutionary: “We just kind of do things where we are.”