Matching funds for your donation!
Posted on 4/22/2016

Update: We’re almost there! We’ve raised $800 out of our $1,000 goal. Donate here to help close out our fundraiser.

We have a lot planned for our upcoming series of events, and we need your help. If we can reach our target of $1,000 over the next few days, we’ll be able to provide artist fees and documentation support for the fantastic line-up we have planned. Our friends at Darwin Arts will match the next $200 in donations we receive!

If the shopping cart doesn’t work, visit our profile at to donate.

Darwin Arts specializes in crafting audio and video software products suitable to a wide range of casual and professional artists, computer musicians, sound designers, and media software developers. We strive to design tools which exploit emergent properties, the genetic algorithm, and complex systems as a means of augmenting and extending human creativity.

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