An active scene requires an active series
Posted on 6/15/2017

Over the past two months, we’ve had meetings with new supporters in Santa Cruz and old friends in New York, all centered on one question: how can we keep up this pace of concerts?

At the start of 2017, we developed a plan around the belief that an intense few months of events, with coordinated marketing and publicity throughout, would make a significant impact on Santa Cruz and on our audience. And this strategy, for the most part, worked. We were able to provide a home for a significant number of new works and unique happenings, from Jack Callahan’s lecture-performance rendition of Housed (on the history and sound of house music), to Laura Steeberge & K.C.M. Walker’s ritualistic Pseudo-Dionysian Hellrite, to a refined and revised piece by Anahita Abbasi for Mivos Quartet. We are actively making an argument for the importance of new work, continually revised work, and work that might even disregard established performance practice or medium entirely. The regularity of our series, and the trust that the audience has in our programming, are the two primary reasons we are able to take these chances.

We believe that a truly active scene requires an equally active series.

Now we’re coming to you. We were able to get this far due to the generosity of the Arts Council of Santa Cruz County, but we need your support to finish out the year strong, and to plan for the next. Through a number of donations and purchases, we’ve raised over $1,000, but we have a long way to get to $5,000 to fully fund the rest of the year.

Please consider a donation through our fiscal sponsor Fractured Atlas to support our series, or even sponsor a concert. Your donation will go a long way toward ensuring that we can continue making a space for experimental and new music in California’s central coast. Thank you so much for sharing in our mission.

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