The Essential Indexical: Early MMXVII

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Experimental music is not just about producing a couple high-profile concerts. It’s about the scene. Representing the community through documentation and recorded material is always difficult, but over 10 concerts in the last 5 months, we’ve accumulated such a wealth of recorded material that we can’t help but spend time polishing it and making it available.

We’re thrilled to announce a new project: The Essential Indexical, a compilation of live recordings representing some of the artists who have performed on our series in Santa Cruz and elsewhere. Early MMXVII includes the JACK Quartet & Lightbulb Ensemble’s performances of work by Sarang Kim and Peter Sloan, and the debut collaboration of the scorching trio of Zachary James Watkins and RAGE THORMBONES (Matt Barbier & Weston Olencki). We’ve also got work by Ma’ayan Tsadka, David Dramm & Anne La Berge, Happy Valley Band, and Jon Myers & Madalyn Merkey. It’s all available online for a single purchase of $10 or (you might prefer!) a series subscription of $25/year.

The Essential Indexical: Tracklist

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