Announcing Collocation, an online video series throughout 2021
Posted on 4/27/2021

It’s that blurry line between artist and organizer that characterizes the radical edges of what we call experimental music. Throughout 2021, Indexical highlights that blur with a new online video series Collocation. This new series features artists in conversation with other artists from their scene or community, whether that’s a geographic site or a distributed platform.

Seven guest curators will select artists to feature throughout 2021, and we’ll broadcast these interviews and premiere performances live on a monthly schedule. Our guiding question is: how does the site of engagement influence the ways that an artistic community is built and maintained?

Collocation opens in May, with guest curator Michelle Lou in conversation with T.J. Borden [5/16/2021], a multifaceted sound shaper, noise maker, collaborator, and community organizer. Borden will perform his work “Bob Hope Airport Train Station,” based around a 30 minute field recording of “this placeless place” of the station. Borden is cellist in the Switch Ensemble and Mivos Quartet, co-founder of festival High Desert Soundings in Joshua Tree, California, and a dedicated collaborator and improviser. 

We continue in June with guest curator Andrew Weathers in conversation with Justin Houser and Noah Alonzo [6/20/2021], streaming from the CO-OPt Research + Projects gallery space in Lubbock, Texas. Weathers and Houser are members of the Llano Estacado Monad Band, a decentralized improvisation collective based in and around Lubbock.

Future guest curators throughout 2021 include Crystal Cortez (Portland, Ore.), Teodora Stepancic (NYC), Gabriel Saloman Mindel (Santa Cruz, Calif.), Micaela Tobin (LA), and Ma’ayan Tsadka (Haifa, Israel). Visit as events are announced for more information, or contact [email protected] for press inquiries.