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Upcoming Events

Tamara Duplantis: Creating Sound Art with GB Studio Workshop

Thu., Jan. 19, 2023 PST | Indexical
In this hands-on workshop, learn a simple game engine and how to hack it to create musical work.  GB Studio is a quick and easy to use retro game creator for your favorite handheld video game system. No programming experience is needed! Leave with your own unique musical software for both your computer and a Game Boy cartridge to take home.

Allen Riley: Synchronization Station Workshop

Fri., Jan. 27, 2023 PST | Indexical
Participants enter a fictional laboratory and engage in an activity in which they are asked to visually align images of their hands on a video monitor, seeking to establish intuitive human-to-human synchronization within the system. 

Feldenkrais for Improvisers Workshop with Meerenai Shim

Thu., Feb. 16, 2023 PST | Indexical
Meerenai Shim leads a group in a Feldenkrais awareness through movement class. Participants are asked to bring a yoga or exercise mats, as well as an instrument of their choosing (if desired). Shim leads participants through sound exploration using Feldenkrais principles of curiosity, exploration, and observation without evaluation.

Past Events

Workshop: Free Improvisation with Jacob Felix Heule and Danishta Rivero

Fri., May. 27, 2022 PDT | Indexical
Jacob Felix Heule and Danishta Rivero of Voicehandler will lead a workshop on free improvisation drawing on the Oakland-based series Doors That Only Open in Silence, as well as work by Pauline Oliveros and John Stevens. Bring your instrument (or non-instrument) and come ready to play. Open to all levels of instrumental experience.

Workshop: Creative discourse and computer music performance with Madalyn Merkey

Thu., May. 26, 2022 PDT | Indexical
The focus of this workshop is to highlight a concern for personal discourse in computer music. Madalyn will discuss her 10+ years of using Max MSP to develop synthetic instruments for improvisation with an in-depth look into her main performance patch, and will give an overview of her research into early electronic music in Italy.

Workshop: Composing with Cybernetics with MSHR

Fri., Apr. 8, 2022 PDT | Indexical

Learn to compose human-technological cybernetic systems in Pure Data with Portland-based duo MSHR in this workshop focusing on sonic feedback and interactions between participants. MSHR has been creating sculptural electronic systems since 2011, and their performances combine light and homemade circuit designs with digital systems for controlling and manipulating complex behavior in sound and visuals.

Workshop: Improvising DIY Electronics with Lauren Sarah Hayes

Thu., Mar. 10, 2022 PST | Indexical

In this workshop we will demystify some of the processes surrounding live electronic music making. Led by electronic musician, improviser, and sound artist Lauren Sarah Hayes, participants will be guided through building low-cost, DIY electronic synths, and explore strategies for improvising using these new creations. Using techniques derived from embodied interaction, enactive approaches to music cognition, and improvisation traditions, the group will work together to playfully explore collaborative electronic music making. No musical or electronics experience is necessary.

Workshop: No-Input Mixer Feedback with Sally Decker

Sat., Feb. 12, 2022 PST | Indexical

This workshop will be an introduction to acoustic and electronic feedback — when a loop is created between an audio output and an audio input. We will experiment with both kinds of feedback, delving into “no-input” mixing (routing a mixer’s output back into its input), and how to connect acoustic and electronic feedback together in one system to produce dynamic, musical results. Participants will gain valuable insight into how audio mixers work and how to use them as instruments. We will practice setting up feedback systems and will have generous time for experimentation.

Workshop: RICH GLITCH with Anna Luisa Petrisko

Sat., Jan. 22, 2022 PST | Indexical

RICH GLITCH is a collaborative, interactive workshop where we will journey through the realms of analog video mixing and 80’s style graphics. Steered by our collective vision, we will use vintage video mixers, live camera feed, video synthesis, and found footage to create new video art that looks rich and glitch. We’ll also view and discuss historical examples of video art. Feel free to bring your own found footage via VHS tapes or youtube links.

Workshop: Intro to SuperCollider with Michael Masaru Flora

Sun., Dec. 12, 2021 PST | Indexical

An introductory course to using the SuperCollider programming language to make sound and explore generative composition. Look forward to a fun and hands on environment, as we journey through: instrument design, sound synthesis, and algorithmic composition. Participants will leave the workshop with a foundation of skills related to using SuperCollider for creative projects and resources for further development. Points of departure will depend on each student’s unique set of interests and abilities, but may include: music, installation, performance, and interactive art.

Workshop: Edible Instruments with Casey Thomas Anderson

Thu., Oct. 28, 2021 PDT | Indexical

Design new instruments in this hands-on workshop dedicated to the piezoelectric effect, a phenomena first observed in 1880 in which mechanical stress generates an electrical charge in crystals and ceramics allowing one to transform everyday found objects into unique sound generators! Join composer, sound artist, and educator Casey Anderson to learn about and experiment with the technological and artistic concepts that form the basis for this amplification-oriented approach to instrument design.

Workshop: Gerald Casel & Tim Russell

Sat., Aug. 21, 2021 PDT | Indexical

Join us for a workshop with choreographer Gerald Casel and sound designer Tim Russell, as they share their collaborative process with sound and dance artists to create a generative space where different modes of improvisation and composition are shared, critiqued, practiced, and re-processed.